Our Team

Providing expert care in ENT, Head & Neck

Our integrated team provides care to patients across all age groups for ear, nose, sinus, throat, head & neck, and sleep apnoea health problems

Dr. Nadine de Alwis is a Melbourne trained Otolaryngology, Head & Neck surgeon. She provides treatment for both adults and children for ENT conditions with a special interest in otology including cholesteotoma surgery, sudden sensorineural hearing loss, lateral skull base surgery and hearing rehabilitation including cochlear implants.

A/Prof Elizabeth (Liz) Sigston has over 18 years experience as an Otolaryngology, Head & Neck surgeon. She has expertise in management of all head & neck cancers including thyroid and parotid lesions, transoral laryngology and airway surgery, paediatric ENT, obstructive sleep apnoea and General ENT including rhinology and sinus surgery.

Associate Professor

 Elizabeth Sigston


Dr. Nadine

de Alwis

MBBS FRACS BSci (Hons)  PostGrad DipAna

Ms. Alanna Bowen

Speech Pathologist


Alanna is a Speech Pathologist who works with adults  experiencing voice and / or swallowing difficulties. She has extensive experience working with people diagnosed and treated for head & neck cancers. 

Dr. Muhammad (Alam) Alamgeer

Dr. Alam is a medical oncologist who treats cancers with chemotherapy, novel targeted therapies and immunotherapy. He has a special interest in head & neck cancers, lung cancers and melanoma

Dr Alam also works as a general Physician.


Our Administration Team

  • Rhonda Wheeler (Practice Manager)

  • Alison Vela

  • Katy Colla

  • Madeleine Sigston

  • Zach Vandenhoven

Our Partners


Clear Ears is a professional ear wax removal service conducted by qualified nurses. The procedure is gentle, safe and uses effective microsuction technology.

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Clear Ears

Professional Earwax Removal

Individualized Professional Skin Care

Skin Scene is owned and run by Ellie Spence, a cosmetic nurse with over a decade of experience in helping people improve the health and natural beauty of their skin.


Skin Scene

Bayside Hearing Clinic have joined with Victorian Otolaryngology Head & Neck Services to provide onsite audiology and hearing rehabilitation at Holmesglen Private Hospital

Cassandra Kerr

Audiology and Hearing Rehabilitation

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