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About Us

A specialist medical practice with a difference

We aim to be accessible, compassionate & authentic

To work in partnership with public and private healthcare providers

To deliver patient centric holistic healthcare in the speciality of otorhinolaryngology, head & neck

Who We Are

Victorian Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Services is committed to delivering healthcare that focuses on achieving the best health outcomes for the individual. Our integrated approach combines the skill of a variety of medical specialists and allied health experts working in the field of otorhinolaryngology, head and neck, and associated disciplines to put you, or your loved one, at the centre of care.

We consider the whole person and tailor treatment recommendations to best suit your individual circumstance, condition and needs.

The latest technologies and research are applied in our practice. All our team members are actively involved in translational and/or clinical research. 

Our practice is one of the first specialist practices in Australia to employ an integrated model of care and is the creation of Dr. Elizabeth Sigston, a leading ENT, Head & Neck cancer surgeon, cancer researcher and thought leader in healthcare.

Who We Are

Access to Public & Private Care

At Victorian Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Services we work with both Public and Private healthcare providers. This enables the best option to be selected taking into consideration your personal circumstances. 

Factors that can influence the choice of Public or Private services include your condition that is being treated, other medical needs or conditions you may have, availability of services and equipment, your private health insurance policy and personal choice.

We currently can provide access to inpatient care at the following facilities:



Private & Public Access

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Social and environmental factors play an important role in the health of you, your family and our society. At Victorian Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Services we believe business should be about more than profit. Through our Social and Environmental Responsibility policy, when you choose us for your care, you are are also choosing to make a positive impact to health on a larger scale.

Social Impact

  • For each Nasoendoscope performed in our practice we contribute $10 to Head & Neck Cancer

Environmental Impact

  • We use secure cloud based platforms removing need for servers and reducing use of paper

  • We recycle any paper through a secure shredding and recycling service

Social & Environmental Responsibility
Donations made to Head & neck Cancer Australia under Social Impact Program
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